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Agriculture is a $23 billion industry in Arizona, but that money doesn’t grow on trees. Due to the aridity of Arizona, water is transported (sometimes for hundreds of miles) to deliver the necessary water to crops and communities. Irrigation & Electrical Districts were formed to aid in these endeavors, and IEDA was formed to assist Irrigation & Electrical Districts in their missions.

IEDA participates at the state and federal levels to help shape policy on food and fiber. In Arizona, agriculture is often criticized for consuming 70% of the water, but people fail to realize that the water is used on products that clothe them or they consume.

National Water Resource Association (NWRA)

While its roots go back to the 1890s, NWRA was established as a formal association in 1932. The purpose of establishing it was to bring irrigation and reclamation to the arid and semiarid West. Fifteen states collectively sent over 90 delegates to participate in this historic conference.

Today, NWRA promotes the development, control, conservation, preservation and utilization of the water resources of the nation.  It cooperates and assists with federal, date and local agencies to secure funding necessary for the construction, operation, maintenance and replacement of water projects. It also preserves and promotes the rights and interests of the states in their water resources, subject to interstate compacts and treaties.

Agri-Business and Water Council of Arizona (ABWC)

A convergence of producers, distributors, academia and irrigation districts, ABWC is the state representative for NWRA and an avid supporter of irrigated agriculture.

IEDA sits on the Executive Committee of ABWC and participates in NWRA related activities.