Irrigation and Electrical Districts Association of Arizona

The Irrigation & Electrical Districts Association (IEDA) is a statewide association of public bodies that are involved in the delivery of water and electricity to agricultural, municipal and industrial customers throughout Arizona.

an effective voice in addressing the water and power issues that confront Arizona. IEDA represents the interests of its members concerning electrical power contracts and rates, irrigation, environmental issues, and federal and state legislation. IEDA was formed in December 1962 as a non-profit association.

Power contracting, power rates, and related contracts and regulations, are IEDA's primary concern on the Federal and State levels. Over the years, the Association has aided its members on issues involving the Colorado River Storage Project, the Parker-Davis Project, the Boulder Canyon Project, the Navajo Generating Station and other power resources. The Association also deals with water availability and delivery, water quality and administrative law subjects.  

 IEDA is affiliated with several regional and national associations, including the Colorado River Energy Distributors Association (CREDA), a six-state regional public power association. Through CREDA, IEDA members gain additional representation at the regional and national levels on issues related to their hydropower resources. 



Irrigation and Electrical Districts Association
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